Fire Alarm Installation:

Whether you need an entirely new installation or an update to an existing system, we provide and install fire alarm systems that are tailored to the specific needs of your property. We handle all components of your fire alarm system including any panels, power supplies, call points, and detectors.

Fire Alarm Maintenance:

Regular fire alarm maintenance not only gives property owners peace of mind but is also a legal requirement. We provide reliable servicing and maintenance of all types and model of fire alarm system to ensure you remain compliant with every relevant legislative and regulatory requirement.


Wireless Fire Alarms:

We install a range of wireless alarm systems for areas with no access to a wired connection. They work through transmitting radio signals from detectors and call points to the control panel. Wireless alarm systems are usually quicker to install, causing limited disruption to your business processes.

Fire Detection Systems:

We specialise in providing state-of-the-art fire detection systems that are tailored to your property needs. From panels and call points to smoke and heat detectors, we will help you build and install the most efficient, and reliable fire detection system for your needs. All systems we install are high-quality and affordable.

Gaseous Suppression Systems:

Suppression systems are a go-to option for all areas that require automatic fire protection, such as high-risk spots, or areas with critical functions. Depending on the environment, and your requirements, we will help you choose the optimal gas type, and overall suppression system for your property.

Fire line / Fire Pump Systems:

Delivering superior fire protection to businesses PETROCAP PETROLEUM SERVICES specializes in fire pump systems that save lives and minimize structural damage caused by localized fires and large-scale disasters. Features and options include:

Pre-engineered & prefabricated pumps-NFPA-compliant designs-Diesel, electric & dual-fire models-Compact footprint for small areas & retrofits-Skid-mounted & containerized packages-Self-venting technology Jockey pumps & jockey pump controllers

Fire Extinguishers Systems:

Pressurized water extinguishers: Class A fires&Dry chemical extinguishers: Class A, B & C fires&Carbon dioxide extinguishers: Class B & C fires&Clean agent extinguishers: Class B & C fires&Chemical foam (AFFF & FFFP) extinguishers: Class A & B fires and Wet chemical extinguishers: Class K fires; deep-fat fryers & other commercial kitchen applications

Fire Risk Assessments:

All commercial premises are required, by law, to conduct fire risk assessments regularly. Our assessment service can help you rectify all fire hazards before they become a problem. We provide thoroughly trained and qualified risk assessors with years of experience in identifying even the most difficult-to-spot fire risks.

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